Saturday, January 5, 2008

Welcome to my blog

I decided to start this blog pretty much on a whim this Motzei Shabbat, although I've been pondering it for a month or so. Some of my best friends are bloggers, and I have also recently started reading a number of blogs by strangers that I like. The major impetus, really, is that I am still single, and I need to talk about it in some format that includes neither my very worried parents or my patient best friend (who is married), who could probably use a break. I consider myself to be smart and funny and not bad-looking, so I don't really get what has happened. I know it's hard to be Conservadox and a woman because there are approximately 10 Conservadox men who have not now, nor ever have, attended JTS, and they are all married. I'm open, though, to both "Conserv" and "dox" guys, too, which should in theory be less limiting. There are never as many Jewish guys in the Boston area, where I live, as in New York, but I lived in New York once and didn't like it (I would not rule out relocation, though, now that I am older).
Don't worry, though; this blog will not be all kvetching. I have other things in my life as well, such as my dissertation (parents: you're having trouble finding a man because men have trouble with smart women), politics, fiction (which I can read on Shabbat; eat it, non-Shomer-Shabbat grad students!), television, and of course my friends.


tikkunger said...

This looks like its going to be an interesting blog. I look forward to reading more. Just my opinion here but there are not enough Conservadox chick (oops sorry I mean lady) blogs around, so I'm glad to this one!

Good luck and keep posting!

ALG said...

Welcome to the blog world, Katrina! I look forward to reading more. (I did a stint in Cambridge as well, as an undergrad, and I'm also single, so I suspect we have a few other things in common as well.)