Sunday, February 24, 2008

A Must-See

UPDATE: Here's the link!

So I was watching the newly-returned SNL tonight, and Tina Fey was hosting. At the end of Weekend Update, which she used to co-anchor when she was on the show, she did a bit about Hillary Clinton and why people in Texas and Ohio should vote for her. As an Obama supporter who used to support Hillary but doesn't think she's electable, I appreciated it. As an assertive woman who has been called (mostly behind her back) a bitch, I idenified with it. As soon as it's online, I'll link to it.

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Anonymous said...

I loved it! Hillary is a bitch and Tina has balls. You wouldn't believe the amount of comments saying they hate Tina Fey because nobody can say anything good about Hillary. You are supposed to jump on the Obama cult bandwagon and NOT use your brain. My femininst friends would be rolling around on their graves. These are sad times for feminists. These are sad times for women who are voting with emotions for a pretty face and empty words and NOT with their brains. Sadly, wE have not come a long way.