Wednesday, August 11, 2010

I Need to Get a Life

Duh. A friend asked me to help her with a piece she is writing on independent minyanim. I started referring her to various blogs in the Jewish Blogosphere and their recent posts on the subject. Then I asked, "Do you read blogs in the J-Blogosphere?" She responded, "Now I do. It's my job." And I thought, "Wouldn't it be nice to get paid for all of this expertise, instead of having acquired it because I don't have a life?"

NOTE: This post is a joke. It is NOT an extension of my previous post about being lonely.


elf's DH said...

Don't they have a template for that? Write about how young Jews don't want to be "affiliated" anymore, state that independent minyanim are a 10 year old phenomenon, interview Elie Kaunfer, interview Jonathan Sarna (with apologies to the person who picked up on the pattern), don't let any facts get in your way.

katrina said...

elf's DH: 1) You only know about the template because you don't have a life either; 2) Here's your chance: What facts do you think are missing from the independent minyanim article?

Jacob Metcalf said...

I used to blog about videogames for 8 years. I loved it but it quickly became real hardwork. My blog was picked up by the Seattle PI and the AP Press newslines and I had to deal with PR people. I mean we love hobbies and I am proud of it but man it did get tough.

As a future convert (There is no Rabbi in my town so I can't easily convert) it gets me when they are one Jew away from the minyam and I don't count.