Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Two, Two, Two Memes in One!

I've been tagged! Yay! This makes me feel like a real part of the J-blogosphere. This may mean that someone occasionally reads my blog.

Anyway, according to Frum Single Female, who tagged me, here is the first meme:

Pick up the nearest book (physically) to you, turn to page 56, and write down the 2nd to 5th sentences.

Lucky for you guys, I am sitting on my bed, so the nearest book is the one I am reading now, David Foster Wallace's The Broom of the System. A blurb says this is metafiction (although I think Foster Wallace himself, may he rest in peace, may have hated that term) at its finest:

"Mr. Lunberg: The Great Ohio Desert.
"Governor: The Great Ohio Desert.
"Mr. Lunberg: Yes.
"Governor: Joe, a super name. I take my hat off to you."

Here is the second meme: "next state 7 facts about [yourself] and then tag others and link [to] them . . . and . . . leave a comment on their blog saying they've been tagged."

I read on another blog that some of the seven facts are supposed to be weird facts and/or details of your neuroses (oh, where do I start?), while others are supposed to be not-so-weird (ok, honestly, where do I start?). Here goes:

1. As you can tell from my punctuation and brackets in this post, I am a grammar freak (what David Foster Wallace called a SNOOT). If you think you are a bigger grammar freak than I, you are incorrect.

2. I schedule my life around the TV show House. Unless I have to be somewhere for grad school (ha!), I insist on watching it when it first airs. My parents, BFF, and TF know not to call me, and if they do by accident, or if someone else calls, I do not answer the phone.

3. My favorite sport to watch is American football.

4. I can recite the American presidents in order, and if you give me the number of a president (e.g., 23), I can tell you the president with a less than 5-second delay (e.g., Benjamin Harrison).

5. I don't like shopping for clothes.

6. My favorite food is chili.

7. I am a shameless punster and deliverer of one-liners.

Most of the people I am thinking of tagging have already been tagged. But I will tag: Knitter of Shiny Things, Miryam (Mama o' the Matrices), Apikorsus, Alg, Shira (On the Fringe), Michelle, and Sunkist Miss .


The Babysitter said...

wow, so cool to see how it's spreading! I Linked your meme.

I haven't read your blog before. I found it in a comment at Michelle's blog, although you left the wrong url there.

wow, that is really cool how well you know the presidents. I only know the first and the last, lol

Miryam (mama o' the matrices) said...

oh, I married a reader of presidents' biographies. I think it's turning him into a libertarian, poor man.

as for the tag: I'm on the job. Thanks!

FrumBusinessGuy said...

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Avi said...

I just happened onto this blog from female single's blog, and skimming through this one, I came upon an interesting comment. I think it was the first of your '7 things.' If you think you are a bigger grammar freak than I am, you're incorrect. Hehe. I love a challenge ;). I'm also a grammar freak! Bigger and better than you? I'm going to have peer review every one of your blogs lol. And I'm going to have to write more blogs so you can decide for yourself about me. But I'm so analytical when it comes to these things (my friends hate me when I peer review their work lol), it's freaky. Anyway, if you're interested, I'm up for the all-out challenge of grammar checking your work and vice versa. :p