Monday, September 15, 2008


Question for those who know something about computers:

Overnight, I got about seven "comments" on various recent posts on my blogs. They turned out to connect to a "blog" that is really an online gaming site.

Is there any way to prevent this in the future, short of restricting who gets to read my blog?


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elf's DH said...

Practically, there isn't, short of disabling comments or leaving Blogger for somewhere where you can control the CAPTCHA (the "word verification" thing).

Manually delete the spammer's comments and move on.

The technology is under the control of Google/Blogger. File a bug report against Blogger that the captcha's been broken and hope they do something about it. (They already know, by the way, it's all over the web press [ex] -- the reason for filing bug reports is that it gets the problem more on the radar of the people in charge).

If you get spammed by someone on Blogger, follow the link and can click on the "flag" button in their toolbar - it alerts Google that the blog is a spam blog and helps shut them down. In this case, the spammer's account has already been removed.