Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Things That Piss Me Off

I thought I would share. These are in no particular order:

Hillary Clinton and her "kitchen sink" tactics (great if you want to repeat 1972, Hillary!)

That a not-insignificant number of my cousins (first and more distant) are marrying non-Jews

Tall, blond, skinny women (whether or not they are marrying my cousins)

Even the thought of Pesach cleaning

That Provigil, which I don't take, but which has legitimate therapeutic uses for some, is now apparently a performance-enhancing drug (NYT requires registration)

That Saturday Night Live should have any effect on the presidential election whatsoever

That I sometimes can't resist the clarion call of JDate, despite my efforts

The disastrous economic policies (or rather lack thereof) of the Bush administration, and the crushing effects it is having on the country

Insane homicidal Palestinian terrorists and the lefties who love them (Sure, watch Unsettled, but how about some balance, people?)

The Israeli goverment's incredibly ill-advised settlement policy, which is not justified by the insane homicidal Palestianian terrorists

NOTE: It surprises me how much better it makes me feel to get this out. The fact that these things piss me off does not mean that there are other things that don't piss me off. That just isn't what I want to post about today.

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B.BarNavi said...

"Tall, blond, skinny women (whether or not they are marrying my cousins)"

Even if they are not שיקסעס? >_<